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80% of the cost of a commercial building is the cost of engineering systems. And the remaining 20% falls on the design. Why, then, in our country, it is precisely those who carry out the less technically complex and less expensive part of the project who are engaged in general contracting? This is strange. All over the world, it is engineering companies are trusted to lead projects.

We considered it possible and necessary to transfer the successful world experience to domestic soil. Since 1998, APT Group has been designing and building turnkey engineering infrastructures for commercial, residential, transport, and industrial buildings and structures. After 13 years and more than 700 projects, we realized that only the absence of an estimate and contract department separates us from the position of the general contractor. This barrier has been overcome.

Our customers are Boryspil Airport, Lipton/Unilever, Danone Ukraine, Myronivsky Hliboproduct, Roshen, IBM, Intel, HP, Novopecherski Lipki, Truskavetskurort, Xerox, Mars, Coca-Cola, Ukraina Printing Plant, Honda Motors, Jabil Circuit, Deutsche Bank, World Bank, Hilton, Ramada, Holiday Inn, Mirotel Resort & SPA, Radisson, Eurovision 2017, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Unit.City, Japan Tobacco International, Metinvest, Cargill, British American Tobacco, Floating SPA, Novopechersk School, British Embassy in Kyiv, and many others – more than 1000 projects for more than 20 years in business.

With our own engineering resources and general contracting directorate, our own production unit, and service department, we provide a full project life cycle: conceptual planning, general design according to LEED standards, production of working documentation (flat drawings or BIM), passing examinations and obtaining technical specifications, construction, and reconstruction, supply of equipment, installation and commissioning of systems, commissioning of the facility, staff training, warranty, and post-warranty technical support, project management, technical audit.

APT Group is an engineering holding. We have long and deeply specialized in security systems, automated monitoring and control systems for buildings and premises, power supply systems, climate and comfort control systems (HVAC), multimedia, and navigation systems. Turning to us, you get the highest-class technical expertise: we design and build the most complex infrastructures.

The absence of an intermediary in the relationship between us and our customers allows us to achieve the best ratio of price and quality of the services offered. Creating up to 80% of the value of the object, our engineering company does not need a third-party provider of general contracting services: we provide them ourselves.

The experience of cooperation with leading architectural studios and the use of BIM technologies allows us to successfully work as a general designer: using our own engineering department, we successfully resolve all issues related to the release of working documentation of all sections, including architectural.

Our key advantage is the presence of specializations that are not purely construction: in addition to the capital infrastructure of the building, we build the most complex systems for managing rooms, buildings, and technological cycles, we build video surveillance and video analytics systems, dynamic navigation systems, home theaters, conference rooms, situational dispatch centers. Such a range of competencies is not available to a traditional construction company, often acting as a general contractor.

The ability to provide design, construction, general contracting, consulting, and system integration services without recourse to intermediaries ensures our unique position in the market.

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