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The most complete solution for an intelligent building will comprise BMS, RMS, lighting management, smart scenario management for façade and landscape illumination, and energy saving. Such a suite of engineering is normally required for large-scale hotels and A-class offices.

At residential buildings, such solutions are required to manage the main engineering plant and to detect alarms such as flooding, fire, and power failures.

At office buildings, we usually need management systems for meeting rooms, presentation facilities, conference halls, training rooms, and “robotized” reception. Office buildings and campuses also demand smart dynamic navigation signage, traffic management solutions, and parking management combined with security solutions with video analytics with built-in suspicious activities detection functionality that helps to prevent and investigate different incidents.

For villas, palaces, and cottages we propose very popular unified management of comfort and multimedia in form of single touch panels for shading, lighting, home cinema, temperature, intercom, meteo station, and CCTV.

We pay huge attention to dynamic navigation solutions. They incorporate access control, CCTV, traffic management, and digital signage. These solutions are in high demand for office campuses, big parkings, stadiums, and airports.

There is no unified solution for every need, so we always start with an analysis of tasks and site surveillance.

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